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Artwork Preparation

All design work is carried out on Apple Macs. Below are the main file formats and software we use:

ai, eps, tiff, jpeg*, bmp, PDF**

Programme & Preferred Format

Adobe Illustrator CC – ai, eps

Adobe Photoshop CC – tiff, eps, bmp, jpeg*

Adobe InDesign CC

Adobe Acrobat – PDF**

  • Artwork should ideally be supplied no smaller than 1:4 scale at 300dpi with 10mm bleed when scaled to actual size; there is no need to add any print registration marks.
  • Artwork for banner wraps can be supplied at 1:10 scale at 300dpi with 100mm bleed at actual size; there is no need to add any print registration marks.
  • Artwork which is going to be produced in vinyl, for example solid company logos or text, MUST be supplied in a vector format; artwork created in a pixel format i.e. TIFF. JPEG is NOT suitable.
  • For the best quality, artwork should be created in vector format (ai or vector eps). Gif files are not acceptable.
  • Please supply ALL relevant fonts (where outlining is not possible) and slinked images.
  • For colour matching, please supply colour hard copies or Pantone colours; colour accuracy can not be guaranteed from CMYK or RGB files.
  • Company logos and artwork taken from websites (as a general rule of thumb) are not a high enough quality for print.
  • Microsoft Word and Excel are for text only; logos and images inserted in are generally not high enough quality.

*JPEG – We accept this format but only if used to compress a file for ease of sending, the original artwork must have been created in high resolution. 

**PDF – These are print files only and can not be altered; artwork must be set up at correct proportion and at print ready quality.

No responsibility can be taken for the accuracy of any artwork recreated due to poor quality or if no colour references are supplied.